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Início » Publicações » WHO REPORT 2004 – Global Tuberculosis Control Surveillance, Planning, Financing

WHO REPORT 2004 – Global Tuberculosis Control Surveillance, Planning, Financing

Publicação: 18 de dezembro de 2018

The World Health Organization monitors the tuberculosis epidemic, evaluating surveillance, planning, and financial data in support of national TB control programmes.

Report was written by Léopold Blanc, Daniel Bleed, Christopher Dye, Katherine Floyd, Christy Hanson, Mehran Hosseini, Karen Palmer, and Catherine Watt. The project was coordinated by Christopher Dye and Léopold Blanc.
Other WHO staff who assisted in compiling information were as follows:
WHO HQ Geneva: Mohammed Aziz, Marcos Espinal, Giuliano Gargioni, Haileyesus Getahun, Andrea Godfrey, Malgosia Grzemska, Knut Lönnroth, Eva Nathanson, Paul Nunn, Salah Ottmani, Mario Raviglione, Holger Sawert, Mukund Uplekar, Lisa Véron, Brian Williams, Abigail Wright.
African Region: Ayodele Awe (Nigeria), Panganai Dhliwayo (Zimbabwe), Jan van den Hombergh (Ethiopia), Bah Keita (AFRO, West Africa), Daniel Kibuga (AFRO), Vainess Mfungwe (AFRO), Wilfred Nkhoma (AFRO), Eugene Nyarko (AFRO), Henriette Wembanyama (DR Congo).
The Americas: Ademir Albuquerque (Brazil), José Ramón Cruz (AMRO), Rodolfo Rodriguez Cruz (AMRO), Mario Martinez (Brazil), Dionne Patz (AMRO), Pilar Ramon-Pardo (AMRO).
Eastern Mediterranean Region: Samiha Baghdadi (EMRO), Laura Gillini (EMRO), Keiko Inaba (Afghanistan), John Jabbour (EMRO), Giampaolo Mezzabotta (Afghanistan), Akihiro Seita (EMRO), Emanuele Tacconi (Afghanistan).
European Region: Irina Danilova (Russian Federation), Lucica Ditiu (TB Office Balkans), Wieslaw Jakubowiak, Konstantin Malakhov (the Russian Federation), Kestutis Miskinis (TB Office Ukraine), Jerod Scholten (EURO), Gombogaram Tsogt (TB Office Central Asia), Richard Zaleskis (EURO).
South-East Asia Region: Marijke Becx-Bleumink (Bangladesh), Christian Gunneberg (Nepal), Reuben Granich (India), Firdosi Mehta (Indonesia), Nani Nair (SEARO), Jai Narain (SEARO), Myo Paing (Myanmar), Franky Loprang (Indonesia), Emanuele Pontali (SEARO), Fraser Wares (SEARO).
Western Pacific Region: Dongil Ahn (WPRO), Maarten Bosman (Viet Nam), Daniel Chin (China), Pratap Jayavanth (Cambodia), Pieter van Maaren (WPRO), Wang Lixia (China).
The primary aim of this report is to share information from national TB control programmes. The data presented here are supplied largely by programme managers, who have been instrumental in driving much of the work on surveillance, planning, and financing. We thank all of them, and their staff, for their contributions. WHO’s Global TB Monitoring and Surveillance Project is carried out with the financial backing of USAID. The DOTS Expansion Project is supported by funding from the governments of Australia, Belgium, Germany, Ireland, the Netherlands, Norway, Switzerland, United Kingdom, and USA. Data for the European Region were collected and validated jointly with EuroTB, a dedicated European TB surveillance network funded by the European Commission. We wish to thank Andrea Infuso and Dennis Falzon of EuroTB for their collaboration. We also thank Pam Baillie, Sue Hobbs, and Keith Wynn for once again doing everything necessary to get this report published by 24 March, World TB Day.
Copies of Global Tuberculosis Control are available for sale from Marketing and Dissemination, World Health Organization, 20 Avenue Appia, 1211 Geneva 27, Switzerland (email: okorders@who.int ) and online at www.who.int/gtb/publications/globrep